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Add:Room 701, Xiusen Building,129 North Laiting Road,Jiuting Town,Songjiang Shanghai China.
General manager:Lu Renkui
Tel:+86-21-57676680 57678818
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Testing Center
Inspection and sterile room
Aseptic dispensing chamber

The factory has a GMP compliant laboratory with a gas chromatograph, PHLC, infrared analyzer, UV analyzer, spectrophotometer and testing instruments, and a considerable level of testing personnel.
The factory set up a technical center for the development of new research base, postdoctoral workstation of Jiangsu Province in 2010. Set up under the the Taicang Longdeng Chemical Laboratory, the Taicang the pharmaceutical factory Longdeng Institute of Medicine, the outgoing service technology platform. Built a high level of experiments, testing and pilot testing center. Have a complete, full-experiments and testing equipment, and a number of senior engineers and technicians specializing in new drug research and development, as well as pharmaceutical technology test.

Shanghai shengxin Medicine & Chemical Co.,Ltd.
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