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Taicang pharmaceutical factoryTaicang pharmaceutical factory was founded in 1958, is now the new plant was built in Taicang City, power station village industrial park, the side of 204 national high-speed exit from Sukun too 200 meters. Adjacent to Shanghai, Suzhou, and convenient transportation. New plant construction, seven sets of bulk drugs, each set designed annual production capacity of 200 tons of the refined drying, packing workshop, the GMP preparation workshop designed annual production capacity of 450 million national norms GMP requirements.

Mainly produces chemical synthetic drugs and tablets. Registered trademarks of drug licensing is too new factory covers an area of 46,690 square meters, construction area of ??25,300 square meters, the existing fixed assets of 43 million yuan (including land), more than 160 sets of major equipment, the existing staff of 111, all kinds of technology staff of 47, including 36 senior titles.

Shanghai shengxin Medicine & Chemical Co.,Ltd.
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